"Map" an aspect of Florence in a clear and thought-provoking way
Collect and visualize data of window lights
Bring up the idea of a hidden world behind walls
Length of project
1.5 months
The Process
The idea of occupancy in unknown places has always been really interesting to me. For this project we were challenged to create a "map" of our street in Florence as a way to make sense of it. I decided to tackle this idea of occupancy and track lit up windows along Via Ridolfi over three days.
I began to collect data every night for a week, and came up with a few potential first steps to the final poster product.
Main points

I. Lit windows assume occupancy and an anonymous personal life

II. Lit windows show liveliness, dark windows shows vacancy or sleep
I focused on the idea of personal life, specifically how often people spend certain times and nights at home. To begin, I sketched options for visualizations that show how many windows are on, how often they're on, and how much collective light they give off.
Early Sketches of Data Visualizations  

Answering the questions, "How many?", "How often?", and "How much light?"
I went with an idea that I had under "how often" where I drew out the buildings and, based on a key, tracked when and how often, if ever, each window was on.
Some feedback I received pushed me to make the poster less modern in order to embody Florence, include personal commentary on some observations, and maybe an introductory paragraph. I created a street sign with marble backing, changed the typefaces to serif, added commentary in a foot-note fashion, and wrote out a short blurb explaining my project. 
Final Drafts  
Design change to embody Florence and a written introduction for clarity
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