I'm Maya!
Amongst many other things, most of which don't call for a website, I'm a human-centered designer and an advocate of design in the social impact sphere.
To me, design is a complex, never-ending process that requires modesty, flexibility, collaboration, and strategic thinking. It is most successful when it is approached with empathy and revolves around the needs of the people interacting with the design. With a love for visuals, I am drawn to researching and making sense of an issue alongside the people who experience it most deeply. My focus is in visual and UI/UX design, but I am interested in exploring service, sound, and motion design. I also love to cook, mix music, spend time outside, pet dogs on the street, and spoon-feed myself Nutella.
I am a product designer at Postlight and freelancing on the side for various projects.
In the past, I have created websites and graphics for human.nyc and New American Economy. I also produced templates at Adobe, worked on a web app for Persado, created websites for a WashU professors, and designed various communication collateral for Impakter, WashU Hillel, and Blue Whiskey Film Festival. 
Shoot me an email at mashkovichmaya@gmail.com
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